It was a good chance to show our club Goths at this event: Anniversary Battle of Abrittus 251 AD. Marking 1770 anniversary of the epic event in the present Razgrad, Bulgaria.
ASSOCIATION FOR HISTORICAL RECONSTRUCTION SCYTIA MINOR successfully participated presented Roman and Gothic warriors, dressed, armored and equipped regarding the historical period III C AD.

     10 years have passed since our participation in Razgrad-Abrittus, in which we celebrated for the first time the anniversary of the battle of Decius with the Goths. 10 years is a long road we have walked and we hoped things would change for the better. This year 2021 we with great diligence set the beginning of a quality 3rd century festival. By trying to minimize the compromises in our equipment for the Goths and Romans.
     The Romanians have the Trajan Wars! In Germany they celebrate the battle of the Teutoburg Forest! Here in modern Bulgaria we have the battle of Emperor Decius with the Goths, where 2 Roman emperors died in one battle!