Trajan invaded Armenia /114 y/

     1900 years Anniversaries of Emperor Trajan invaded Armenia

    This is a publication for which I prepared during a year by collecting information about this II Parthian war Anniversaries. Of course I do not claim that I am exhaustive on the subject! I posted this historical facts refracted through my eyes of reenactor.

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Auxilia cohors in the IIII-th

     ”Records at the permanent camp of the legion in Moesia refers also the promotion of the veteran L. Campanius Verecundus to signifer and further to centurio of coh. I Cisipadensium (CIL V 8185). A cohors that still later belonged to the Moesian army (as is well known, promotions from old legionary soldiers to non-commissioned officers of the auxilia took place only within the same Provincial exercitus). In addition the Centurio Etuvius Capreolus from Vienna, who served 35 years with IIII Scythica (Dessau 9090) and rose from the ranks to Centurionate, and was conscripted at the latest, in the time of Tiberius.”
     It is possible that my translation is not quite right.. I ask to be excused
..auxilia cohors I Cispadanensium (Cispadensium / Cisipadensium) Maximinianaa. In Moesia in the beginning of the first century A.D.with Legio IV Scythica. In Syria (from 56/57 A.D.). Attached to the Legio IV Scythica following in the campaignmn inParthian with Caesennius Corbulo and Peto (58-62).
List of Roman auxiliary regiments (wikipedia)

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Bellum Batonianum /6-9 y/

 "The Archaeology of RomanSouthern Pannonia"
(The state of research and selected problems in the Croatian part of the Roman province of Pannonia)
Edited by
Branka Migotti

     Wilkes assumed that VII, VIII Augusta and XI legion could have been under the command of Caecina Severus at that time, while  IV Scythica and V Macedonica came from the East, but not all authors agree with this opinion. There are even doubts as to whether Caecina Severus took allthree Moesian legions along on this campaign, and only two legions in Caecina’s and Plautius’s joint forces are assumed to have actually been Moesian.
     IV Scythica was probably one of Caecina’s legions, because it seems to have been permanently stationed in Moesia during the ruleof Augustus.
     V Macedonica and the VII legion were most probably transferred from Galatia under the command of Plautius Silvanus, but the question of the VIII and XI legion remains open. As for the VIII legion, depending on the author in question, it is assumed that it may have been stationed in Illyricum, Moesia, in the East, in northern Africa or Egypt, while the XI legion was most probably stationed in the Balkans at the time in question, but it is impossible to say exactly where. Plautius’s third legion (if the assumption on three Eastern legions is correct in the first place) could perhaps be the VIII legion, but it could also have been one of the 3 Moesian legions, together with the IV and XI...

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