The club is active in re-enacting and historical restorations.
    The activities of our club is aimed at the restoration and reconstruction of events from our glorious ancient past. We from "ASSOCIATION FOR HISTORICAL RECONSTRUCTION RE-ENACTMENT - SCYTIA MINOR - IV LEGION SCYTHICA" is dedicated to research into the ancient Thracian Hellenistic and Roman Army and the reconstruction of ancient Thracian Hellenistic and Roman armor and equipment.
     In 2010, Dobrich Bulgaria was established the club for ancient reconstruction - SCYTIA MINOR - IV LEGION SCYTHICA named on historical Legio IIII Scythica present here during the first century AD the territory of the Roman province of Scythia Minor (modern Dobruja).
     We trying in our work to reach close as possible to the way the ancient people lived here in antiquity.
     We assist to the institutions in Bulgaria, the EU and to the countries who have an interest to promote our common ancient history.
     We hope to meet new friends and followers, so that together we can glorify our ancient history!







Dobrich 9300

7, Vasil Levski Str.


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