Carnuntum 2019
Roman festival — Römerstadt Carnuntum

- 21/22/23 June 2019 Austria -


     Association Scythia Minor participated presenting LEGIO XVIII LYBICAE 

     This year we got a chance to participate in one of the most popular reenactment forum dedicate to Roman Antiquity. The Carnuntum Archaeological Complex includes a vast territory featuring well preserved Roman real monuments.
Because of the restored infrastructure and socialization, this is a place with great opportunities for cultural activities.
    Guest and participates of this festival can become part of the magical atmosphere visiting the legionary castrum and the two gladiatorial arenas, villas and buildings with various uses and other facilities, which are excellently exhibited. The Roman thermal baths from the classic Roman Imperial historical period are perfectly socialized, making this place desirable to be visit.
    This year 2019, we honor the 2010 anniversary of the Battle of Teutoburg Forest. So it was a good idea to honor the LEGIO XVIII LYBICAE at this event, participated under the stand of our LEGIO XVIII LYBICAE.