"Roman Festival Apulum 2015"

- 1, 2, 3 may 2015 -

     Roman Festival Apulum 2015 -1,2,3 May
     1910 years Anniversary from the second Dacian war.

      Association for historical reconstructions Scythia Minor participate in Roman Festival Apulum in Alba Iulia .This festival is a traditional event which involved some of the groups who are prepared in Rome and connected to this historical period re-enacting  groups in Eastern Europe.
     In the festival attended more than 200 reenactors! More than 5000 were guests and spectators of the festival.
     Our Legio XIIII Gemina take part in the glorious re-enacting event which re-create the Dacian wars dedicate to anniversary of the second Dacian war. Participated groups demonstrated ancient warfare and equipment, lifestyle and handicrafts of the Romans and Dacians.


Drills and maneuvers of Legio IIII Scythica in festival of Alba Iulia, Romania