- 2021 -

 Anniversary Battle of Abrittus 251 AD
Marking 1770 anniversary of the epic event in the present Razgrad, Bulgaria.
ASSOCIATION FOR HISTORICAL RECONSTRUCTION SCYTIA MINOR successfully participated presented Roman and Gothic warriors, dressed, armored and equipped regarding the historical period III C AD.
Our video from the event:

10 years have passed since our participation in Razgrad-Abrittus, in which we celebrated for the first time the anniversary of the battle of Decius with the Goths. 10 years is a long road we have walked and we hoped things would change for the better. This year 2021 we with great diligence set the beginning of a quality 3rd century festival. By trying to minimize the compromises in our equipment.
This is the height at which the command center of the Roman army was located 1770 years ago during the battle in 251 with the Goths. We were honored to be the first legionnaires to set foot on this sacred battlefield after 1770! With our participation we honored the thousands of legionnaires killed in places around the modern village of Dryanovets! The fields you see in the video were soaked with blood 1770 years ago! The nearby river has changed color to red! Despite the 35 degree heat we made maneuvers and approaches to celebrate this anniversary! The place is MAGNETIC.Together we managed to travel with the time machine to these dramatic times.
The information preserved from antiquity in connection with the military units is scarce, we chose to recreate Legio XIIII Gemina (Gemini) for our club needs from this battle.
In the 80s of the XX century, on the land of the modern village of Krivnya in the Yurtluka locality, a bronze legionary sign (now lost) was discovered, recorded in the inventory book of the museum with the following description: a statuette with a length. 14.3 cm wide. 4.2 cm, max. height 12.5 cm, depicting a lying animal (Capricorn) on a prismatic stand. The animal lies on its stomach with folded front and hind legs. A cloak is tied on his back, like a sacrificial animal. There is an engraved inscription on the stand: LEG XIIII G. The image of a ibex is a distinctive sign of Legio XIIII Gemina (Gemini) since its creation under Emperor Octavian Augustus.
The Romanians have the Trajan Wars! In Germany they celebrate the battle of the Teutoburg Forest! Here in modern Bulgaria we have the battle of Emperor Decius with the Goths, where 2 Roman emperors died in one battle!
It was an honor for us to be the first in 1770 to set foot and incarnate as Roman wars on the battlefield on the modern land of the village of Dryanovets.
When, in the midst of the battle, Decius learned that his son had been killed by an enemy arrow, he declared in a fiery speech to the legionaries that the death of a soldier was not a great loss to the Roman Empire.