Römerfest Augusta Raurica

- August 25/28, 2016 Switzerland -



     We were lucky to receive an invitation to our club for this prestigious event in Switzerland -International Festival of Living History Römerfest Augusta Raurica. And not simply by any chances, but this is a result of our continued perseverance and hard work associated with our quality preparation of the Living History reenactment.
     The central theme this event was Roman Antiquity, roman army, artillery, cavalry, and religious ceremonies. All participating groups presented there a formation of around 70 legionnaires, and auxiliary.
     We are proud to announce that without any political influence on a any government stage we form Scythia Minor prove that European history from antiquity may gather different people from different countries united by their passion to recreate the Ancient Roman History and not only!
     For first time re-enactors from Bulgaria and Romania took part in Western European reenactment event. This is Festival in which participating groups demonstrate in front of the public warfare military formations and equipment, civilian lifestyle and handicrafts of the ancient romans.
     We all had the chance to meet some old friends and establishing new friendships! We from Scythia Minor club try to show a good attitude to antiquity and as always demonstrated best practices in historical restorations, based on the highest European standards.

      I would like to thank to our kind organizers Yves Rüttimann and Daniel Wehrli. I would like to mention with gratitude also our colleagues from Legio XI CH, Alba Iulia club Asociatia Culturala pentru Istorie RO, Danais Capidava RO, Asociaţia Milites Marisensis RO, LEGIO XXII Primigenia D, Coh V Praetoria from CH,Coh V Praetoria from ZC, Flavii from D, Legio XI C.P.F. from B, for their positive attitude and constructive spirit during the festival!This is how it must be organized international reenactment events. Fortunately for us (and to the most of reenactors in the Roman segment), that we was part of the Roman reenactment in Augusta Raurica.

Dear memories of our festival participation. Brass Torque with inscription of memorial AVGVSTA RAVRICA.