Marc Antony (Museum of fine art, Budapest)     Legio IIII Scythica: one of the Roman legions. Its title means 'the legion from Scythia'. It is possible that it also suggested that the soldiers were brave like the notorious Scythians.
     This unit was founded by the triumvir Marc Antony in the years after 42. We do not know where it was first stationed. Syria is a possibility, and when this is correct, it is very likely that the fourth legion took part in Antony's ill-fated campaign against the Parthian empire.
     In 31 BCE, Caesar's adopted son Octavian defeated Marc Antony at Actium. From now on, the Roman empire was ruled by one man, Octavian, who accepted the title of Augustus. From now on, the fourth legion was certainly active in Moesia, the region of the Lower Danube. The surname Scythica is attested during the reign of Augustus, and there was much heavy fighting in the years 29-27. The legion's base was probably at Viminacium (Kostolac in eastern Serbia).

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