Great people from the past: The Roman Empire

National Geographic Society

      In my opinion this is one of most interesting and educational maps of the Roman Empire issued by National Geographic, covering several significant historic period. The texts are synthesized and record important moments and details of Roman history. Significant battles and events are reflected in more detail in separate small maps below. Perhaps this is the map where I saw most clearly and distinctly marked important Roman roads, provinces and legionary bases. The map was created over 18 years ago, but better and extensive Roman map I have never seen! To my delight the magazine and the map were donated to me by a friend and now I look at it to consult myself on various Emperors reigning on different years or other details that one can not remember and is not and necessary. The map hanging on my wall for 18 years now and I have had to restore it slightly. So the quality of the scanned object is not with the best quality, but I also could not find from where to download it from the web.

I share it with the supporters of our club so that they can see it and benefit from the useful information depicted on it.

Radostin Kolchev