Antique Festival Nicopolis ad Nestrum

- 2 november 2013 -

      Some respectable Bulgarian historian scientist suggest that Nicopolis ad Nestum has bees founded by Mark Antony in 32 BC to dedicate it to his victory at Philippi in Macedonia 42 BC. (wikipedia)

     Antique Festival Nicopolis ad Nestrum 2013

      For the first time in the municipality of Garmen was held “Antique Festival Nicopolis ad Nestrum 2 of November 2013“ in the Southwest Bulgaria. It is tends this festival to become a traditional event which involved groups who are prepared in Rome and connected to this reenacting groups in Eastern Europe. This is a festival on which we have demonstrated by the participating groups warfare and equipment, lifestyle and handicrafts of the Romans. Fortunately, we received an official invitation to our club for this festival.
      It's an honor for us and is an indication that the efforts that we put for our quality Roman re-enacting at our previous festival participations were not in vain and we have not been gone unnoticed.