Kabile Yambol

- 15 june 2013 -

     The International Fair of Tourism, Entertainment and Animation.
     The festival  was performed on June 15th town Yambol Bulgaria.
     The event was held at the National Archaeological Complex Kabyle present town Yambol.

     Participating Legion- LEGION IIII SCYTHICA
     The ancient Thracian city of Kabyle was conquered by the Romans in the march in Thrace in 72d. BC from Marcus Lucullus.
     Finally Kabyle enter into the Roman Empire after the conversion Thrace of Roman province.
This happens in 45 AD. In the I century BC. - I century AD. the city was a Roman military camp on the two auxiliary Roman cohorts: Cohors II Lucensium and Cohors I Atoitorum.
     Everyone friend who likes and loves our Ancient History is welcome!



Yambol museum